What Praise and Worship is not, 20 tips.


A worship leader must be a worshiper first, a person that his/her heart is genuinely regenerated, fill with the spirit of the living God and then others may be able to come into that dimension of worship that must be caught, not taught. Worship leader must have deeper knowledge of the Bible, worship leader must spend quality time in His presence in worship first before leading the people of God into the presence of God, the leading of your worship supposed to be the extension of your worship in your closet, there you have experience full manifold presence of God and you are extending that to the people of God to experience also and let them remain in the Holy of Holies (God presence).

We need to lead the congregation in offering praise and worship to the Lord, instead of entertaining the congregation our examples as worshipers made difference to the congregation, thereby giving them proper role models, we need to sing the people into the presence of God or what does it profit anyone simply to sing songs for forty-five minute, worship leaders are to lead people not in songs but to Jesus the purpose of worship in to invoke the presence of our exalted Lord, Praise and worship in our service is not a song service but it is an expression of our hearts to Him. We have three categories of people that lead worship
a. Those that lead songs,
b. Those that lead worship,
c. Those that minister in worship, those that go beyond the gate to the holy of holies.


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