What Praise and Worship is not, 20 tips.

1. Praise is not an option. It is a command and we must obey God’s injunction so that the blessing can come upon our lives. David said “while I live will I praise the Lord; I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being” Ps 146:2, also the scripture say again “these people have I formed for myself to show forth my praise”.

Do not play gambling with God by saying when you pray and you did not see an answer then try praise, you are to praise God no matter the situation that is what “Todah” says “no matter the feeling I will still go ahead and praise God, whether I see solution to my challenges or not, your praise worship is not only when you are blessed, whether I am bless or not I will praise thee ; Ps 119:62 says “at midnight will I rise up and give thanks unto thee because of thy righteous judgment”, midnight hour is a time of anguish, time of pain and trouble when things are not working as planned, David said at this time of the night, I will still rise up and give praise. Act16:25, Habkk 3:17-19.

When you allow the holy spirit to lead you there wouldn’t be trial and error because he will specify what to do, either to pray or to sing praise or obey a specific instruction that will lead you to your breakthrough, victory, healing like Naaman(2 kings 5:8-14), deliverance etc. And when you praise God in your zero hour these three things will happen.

a. The Lord will become your strength; He will strengthen your hand and will not make you to faint in trouble.
b. He will make your feet like the hinds’ feet, He will make you faster than normal and that is divine acceleration.
c. He will make you to ride upon your high places, when you are in the miry clay of life and your head is buried in the pit, but the moment your start praising the Lord He will make you to rise and ride upon the high places.

2. Praise and worship is not only for the choir. Praise and worship is not only for the choir but for every believer in Christ Jesus, praise and worship is not restricted only to the choir or praise team; it is a command for all, is the universal responsibility of all creatures (Ps 150:6), is the redemptive responsibly of the redeemed (Colossians 1:12-14), meaningful praise and worship is born out of revelation and is not built on tradition but on divine revelation.

3. Praise is not invitation of God to the service. He said “where two or three are gathered in my name there I will be”, before you gather for service He’s there and don’t say until you praise Him before He will come down, He’s already in your midst just release yourself for him to have His way in your life in the service and give Him room to do what He has purpose to do in your life and His people, He will not allow His people to seek Him in vain, the scripture says He inhabit the praises of His people Ps 22:3, when we gathered for worship we need the manifest presence of God, the omnipresence of God tells us that God is present everywhere, but the manifest presence of God is the revealed or felt or sensed the presence of God.

Although God is everywhere; we do not feel or sense or perceive Him whenever He chooses to reveal Himself to us Exo33:11, In praise, God sometimes decides to reveal His presence to us and whenever He does, it is a purpose, don’t think that you are inviting God but you are praising and worshiping God.

4. Worship is not singing the most current popular hip hop. Some people classified praise and worship to be the current song of the hip hop artist releases out to be the only one to sing in the church service, the top tunes; instead, it must be all about our Heavenly father and what He desires, this is all about Him not about how current the song you are singing is.

5. Worship is not about rating the worship service. No longer should we attending Church as to get a spiritual “high” or enter with our score cards to rate worship service. It’s not about our personal preferences, nor does it matter whether they sing our favorite song at the exact tempo we enjoy, if this is our earnest cry it will forever change the way we worship and praise God and change the way we approach the throne of God, God is the Chief judge of our offerings of praise and adoration, since this is a performance for the king, let honor and present His Majesty with what He deserves and expects from us.

6. Praise and worship is not a time for pastor’s rehearsal. Praise and worship is not a time for the pastor to be in his office drinking coffee or rehearsing his sermon for no other message is greater than the one given by the king of kings and the Lord of lords. Rev 19:5 says “And a voice came out of the throne, saying praise our God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small and great”, the Church leaders, G. O., Bishop, Reverend etc. suppose to be fully represented during praise and worship and fully participated in His praise and worship, the one who called and ordained them for the work of the ministry, I have seen this in so many Churches that I have attend they use to absent themselves in the place of praise and worship, with the excuse of having many administrative responsibilities, some will be in the service seating down while praise and worship is going on, they are bigger than the one who called them whom they supposed to worship and adored, twenty-four elders cast their crowns, their achievement, their anointing, their fame, their glory, their power, their popularity, their great exploit, their money and their tittles before the Lord and worship Him. (Rev 4:4), if they can do that then who are you?

7. Praise does not need any attachment. Many people praise God because they want something from God which is very wrong, don’t praise God because of something, because of what you want from him but praise Him for who He is. What if God refuses not to do what you are attaching your praise on that means you will stop praising Him, your praise need no attachment, Job did not service and worship God because of what he receive from Him even when he lost everything he still bow down and worship God.

8. Praise and worship is not religion. Some people mistake the music of religion for worship and you cannot worship God just as you please, this is one of the tricks of the devil, we must never allow the religious background to dictate what worship is all about, some are thought that we just worship God any way we want to worship God and all will be well, whenever elevates the mind and raise to near rapture the soul, that’s supposed to be worship.


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