What Praise and Worship is not, 20 tips.

You cannot truly and joyfully worship God on Sunday and not worship Him on Monday, you cannot worship God with a glad song on Sunday and then knowingly displease Him in your business dealings on Monday and Tuesday, we cannot worship God and live after our own nature, it is when God’s nature and our nature begin to harmonize that the power of the name of God begins to operate within us, when your life is not in line with God your praise is like a filthy rage and an abomination before the Lord and it’s as turn to noise, your praise cannot bribe God, you cannot use your praise to bribe God for your inconsistent lifestyle, you cannot worship God that is holy with unholy body and with a polluted heart.

13. Praise is not only for Sunday service. “this people that I formed for myself; they shall show forth my praise” Isa 43:2, praise and worship is the lifestyle of a true Christian, praise is not only for Sunday service but this supposed to be your lifestyle, your life must praise God, your job must praise God, your dressing, the way you speak, everything about you must speak and sing the praise of God, holiness and righteousness are the highest demonstration of a life of acceptable praise and worship, let praise and worship be a daily lifestyle of all church members and not just a program.

14. Praise and worship is not delay tactic to the late comer for the service. During the time of praise and worship in some Churches the numbers of people that present in this season are very few, they are waiting for sermon and prayer seasons, praise and worship is not a time filler before the guest speaker, everything we come to do in every service centers on us but the only things that is only for God is praise and worship and if you refuse to give Him the praise that is due to Him you have not come to the service for that day.

15. Praise is not entertainment. Many time in some of our services the worship team always try to entertain the church which is very wrong, they always want to ginger the people, they want to make the people happy at all cost before you know it you started to entertain, is not by power nor by might is by my spirit says the Lord of host, is not your charisma that matters but the spirit of God in you plus your charisma.

16. Praise and worship is not part of order of service. Many of us think that praise and worship is part of order of service, No; this is wrong, worship and praise is what we have come to do, because when you worship Him then He is ready to tell you what to do and also He will reveal his plan to you, the center of our gathering is to worship Him and then tell us what next to do, “One day as these men were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said dedicate Barnabas and Saul for the special work I have for them” Act 13:2, we are to minister unto God first before anything so He can minister back to us through His word, prayer, choir ministration, announcement etc. you cannot outdo God.

17. Praise and worship is not concert. So many of us as assume the church service is an extension of concert, that assumption is wrong, in concert we gather the people together to praise God and to minister to men, the kind of song to sing in the concert cannot be used to worship God, most times we sing song to minister to the needs of the people, to encourage them, some songs are for healing, deliverance etc. and you see the way God move in that concert or the way you are lifted in that concert and you now think if you can use that same song for God in worship God also will move in action which is very wrong, and again you are not showing skill in worship and praise to God, in concert you show your skill and your talent, but in worship unto God is different the simple in worship to God with your sincere heart is enough.

18. Praise is not singing choruses. Many praise leader have fun of singing a lot of songs when leading praise and worship which make our praise to be like an entertainment, there is a reason for you leading praise and worship if that purpose is defected that means you have waste a lot of time of God’s people, within thirty –forth minute you have sang twenty songs, in every particular song you sing God has a purpose for it and you did not allow God to prove Himself in each song you sing, we are to minister to God in song not to sing choruses, many a time when I’m leading worship or praise God use to instruct me to keep singing it and as I’m singing it God is taking me to a relevant stories and event in the Bible to sing along with it, there was a time I was invited for song ministration in a program and I have decided to sing four songs but God did not allow me to sing four songs but only one for twenty minute and the spirit of the Lord take charge and a lot of testimonies follow.

19. Praise is not changing the lyrics of the secular song. Our praise song must be inspired by the Holy Spirit not by the secular music lyrics or tune, many of the secular song you changed dedicate their song to the devil and how can you be singing the strange song to the Holy God, in every song there is a spirit backing it up, no matter how you change the lyrics that spirit is still there, you are using polluted song to pollute the atmosphere of God’s people and God can never accept that praise or worship.

20. Praise and worship is not prayer or encouragement song. “Let the high praises of God be in their mouth and a two-edged sword in their hand” Ps 149:6 NASU that is let them give to God the glory of those triumphs) and the recompense of their praise; those that are truly thankful to God for their tranquility shall be blessed with victory.

Praise itself is an instrument of warfare, when you praise God He will go on your behave to fight your battle so why are you now singing battle song instead of giving praises unto God even though worship and warfare go together, as the book of Revelation makes very clear. Satan has always wanted to be worshiped (Isa 14:12-15), and he is willing to pay for it (Matt 4:8-11). Satan is constantly at work enticing the world to worship him (Rev 13), for he does not mind if people are “religious” so long as they leave out Jesus Christ and the truth of the gospel.

We have the mentality of asking than praises in this part of the world (Africa), David praise God 7times a day, we are full of complains and petitions when we come to the presence of God and most Christians likes attending prayer meetings than praise service. You are to sing His praise and leave other things for Him, there are three things that praise does when you praise God and as have said that praise is the weapon of warfare, when you give praise unto God it change to vapor and when this vapor reaches the camp of the enemy it turn to sword and destroy them, when this vapor reaches your life and body it turn to medicine and heal your sickness and diseases but worship is center directly to God alone Ps 8:1-3, that is why the people of Judah start praising the Lord when the three nations came against them they sing of His mercy, of His goodness and give Him thanks. The people of Judah started singing about the mercy of God that doesn’t bless or give life but curse and destroy. God defeated the three nations because of His mercy.

There are some of the songs that we have been singing in the church that is not praise neither worship song.
1. Hallelujah angels are singing
2. Paul and Silas they pray they sang…….
3. Carry me dey go Jesus carry me dey go dey go.
4. There is something that makes me coming to your presence…
5. Satan comoth for road o.
6. We are going higher
7. Oluwa joo wa gbami soke
8. I am going higher
9. Emi ni ma siwaju u won
10. Won a je aje yo won a tun di lo le
11. To ta e mo le 1,2 3….
12. Shake off the beast in to the fire
13. I know who I am
14. Ole igwue /2x okaka……… to mention few.


The most important thing in praise and worship is bringing the presence of God down and living in His presence. John 7:38 says “He that believeth on me as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of the living water”, Rivers of praise and worship must flow from the reservoir of our hearts, True praise and worship must proceed from our hearts, it must have a part of me in it, my affection must be vividly seen in it.

Worship is the function of the heart and if you don’t worship God you are robbing yourself from some benefit, your worship is for you not for God because your worship does not increase or reduce God, some people use to say “thanksgiving is the food of God”, if it were to be the food that God eat therefore many Christians will starve God, they refuses to give God his food and this starvation will go on for days, weeks, months, and years, our God is not a hungry God that is looking for food of praise or worship as a matter of fact He’s not looking for your worship but your heart of worship, God is a spirit and they that will worship Him will worship Him in spirit and in truth, the song of worship or praise we sing must reflect biblical meaning of praise and worship. The king of kings said this people have I formed for myself they shall show forth my praise, you are to give God undiluted worship and praise from your heart, you are to declare His faithfulness and His salvation Ps 69:30, 65:11, 2chro 5:13, check the lyrics of praise songs you offer unto God, we are created by Him, unto Him and for Him alone. Thanks and God bless.


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