Gospel Music Brings Souls to God Not to Entertain part 2

You are welcome back, as I promised this is the part two of the article titled gospel music brings souls to God not to entertain.
Let me start by saying that we have a higher calling as gospel musician and our ministry is spiritual in nature, our calling is not the calling to entertain but to minister to the soul of men and we are sent to the world, but never are we told to compromise with it.
Keith Duncan said in his book The Worship Revolution, “No one is placed on this earth by accident. God has a unique purpose for your life and specific plans for you to accomplish. One of His objectives is to change the atmosphere on earth through you. This purpose is discovered by spending time in His presence”.sing-201027_1920

Our mission as gospel singer is to be faithful and allow the Lord to flow through us; He is hungry for His people to burn once more with holy passion for Him. We are called to lift his name on high and for him to draw souls to himself, and the purpose of our calling can only be achieved through Christ, and without Him one cannot do anything. You need to know what you are called to do for him. The word “gospel” is not meant for entertaining, it is for spiritual issues, Jesus said “Occupy till I come” He did not say entertain till I come, even He Himself did not entertain.
As I said in the part 1 of this article that “Our songs are to convey information to the people, the Information of the love of God, His righteousness, His faithfulness, His justice, His holiness, His wondrous deeds, His power, His Glory, His splendor, His majesty, and His ability to do all things, it is necessary for our songs to speak and communicate the word of God to people. Our songs are not for entertainment but to communicate the word of God, even though entertainment is a basic part of music, as music is the combination of sound that are pleasant to the ear, the word pleasant is actually what entertainment is.


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