Gospel Music Brings Souls to God Not to Entertain part 4


Fifthly, you need to prepared for the ministry you are called into, you preparation is very important to the music ministry that is committed into your hands by God, your preparation both in the spiritual and physical will determine how far you will go in the music ministry, when our Lord Jesus Christ want to start His ministry He uses 30years to prepare for His ministry of three and the half years and till now we are still reaping the fruit of His ministry.

David also was busy for so many years preparing for the leadership position that he did not aware of by tending the flock of his father Jesse, you need to prepare yourself and lay your hands on the best materials you know for your singing ministry, wisdom is what you come to this world with and education is what you receive from your teacher, you need to fine tune your voice (your vocal cord), buy books on music like music theory , read gospel music literatures, if you have the funds of going to the music school for further studies on music please go, learn how to sight sing and sight read, go for training attend seminars or conferences of music, on gospel music, worship training, attend meaningful concerts, listen to tapes and CDs, have a good and Godly gospel music ministers as your mentor and you wait for the time of your manifestation, the time of your waiting is the time of your preparation.

Your rehearsal is very important, try to rehearse with musical instrument for hours every day, there is nothing wrong for you to know very well what you are called to do, if you are call to sing you must make sure know how to sing very well even the bible talks about singing skillfully and playing skillfully, if you are interested in playing musical instrument make sure you know how to play it very well, don’t just know how to play 145 chords and say that I have known everything and go out there to display.

When you are still under preparation don’t be in hast to manifest your song or to play because there is time for everything, time to prepare and time to manifest, David did not manifest before his time, he did not in hast in becoming what God want him to become but he always waits for divine introduction to the king Saul, because he is king Saul’s amour bearer, he’s always go to the battle with him. David did not practice the harp for money or to prove that he is good but he uses his gift to please God and to worship God. It is good principle for us to wait for God to open the doors to minister rather than trying to force the door open by ourselves; each of us must wait on the Lord for that introduction, rather shouting out to try to attract the attention of others.

One of my mentors in gospel music, Morris Chapman said in a book that I read “Things They Didn’t Teach Me in Worship Leading School” that; “Most people think of as a fluent writer and a good poet. However, they do not know English was one of my poorest subjects in school, I never enjoyed reciting poetry in front of the class and I dropped out of school in the tenth grade. Beyond this, I’ve never had any vocal, musical or writing training, (don’t let that stop you from learning to read or write and play by music. I’d also encourage you to learn to play by ear even if you can read music)”.


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